Dr. Patricia L. Bell

Dr. Patricia Bell is regarded as one of the world's most gifted clairvoyants, and a master of healing meditation and breathwork...

Timeless Love

Timeless Love

The new book by Dr. Patricia Bell. Available now.
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Dr. Patti in the movie iGod.

I am so thrilled you have found me! My work allows me to connect with you on a heart level to provide you with an opportunity for healing and growth. I work from a place of joy! My love of children, creates a space to explore your inner child and innate spirituality. My wish for you is that you create more abundance in your life, and find more joy!

I have written and taught worldwide. I maintain my practice in Lily Dale as both medium and teacher. This does not limit me to the state of New York. I connect with clients from all over the world, and often do phone readings.

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Peace and Blessings,